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July 26, 2010

Proposed bill could choke small business’s to death

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H.R. 5786, the Safe Cosmetics Act of 2010” sounds like something safe and advantageous to the public, yes? Until you read through the 47 pages of it and realize it is only going to accomplish ousting out small cosmetic business’s and limit creativity & choices. Huge manufacturers with deep pockets will make it, they are fluid enough to afford the fees as well as rigid enough to register their mass-produced products.

Here is a SUMMARY of the effects to the small “home-based” business.

Do not get the impression that I am not for safe cosmetics, good nutritious skincare is the basis of my business. This bill will not change a single ingredient I use. I am extremely conscientious when purchases supplies. Only certified “food grade” oils & FDA approved ingredients are used in my recipes. Do I have a problem registering, not at all. I am legally registered in several government databases already. Nor do I have a problem listing my suppliers. I already label every product, and list ingredients on my website per guidelines.

My issue is with registering every product, locking in how I have to make it. I will have to take customization off the menu. When a customer asked if I can make a certain product (and I offer them all customized) with different essential oils I will not legally be able to do so until I re-register it. My product line will be forced to be rigid, with no creativity flexibility. Ouch.

Trickle effect…All my private label retailers will need to register, to be able to sell the products. With their brand name, ingredients, ect. being registered. An over-lapping of registrations really, but that is what would need to happen.

I have not been able to totally digest the chemical testing requirements, even after reading through this several times. As I currently use no ingredient that has not been completely tested and FDA approved for consumption I “think” I am OK there, but am I?

As written this bill will cause more damage then good, so for now I urge everyone of you to:


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